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Lynn Brooks: Permanent Makeup Artist


Lynn started her career in the nail & beauty industry in 2009 when she founded Tootsies Nails & Beauty. Being in the beauty industry later led her into the Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPMU) industry after she herself had semi permanent makeup work on her (then) non-existent eyebrows. She loved them!

The benefits from having her own new eyebrows drove Lynn to want to make people feel the same way she did. After some considerable research, she came across a modern, relatively new process known as 'microblading' - a manual way of implanting pigment into the skin. Lynn loved the way this technique could be used to create amazing natural hair strokes.

Lynn then began her Semi-Permanent Makeup journey in February 2016 when she trained with Wendy Mordue and Karen Armit of Browmasters, after which she continued to perfect her techniques by training with Rita Romo of Baltic Brows, as well as Olga Mankovskaia of Moda Donna, later adding additional eyebrow treatments such as manual Ombré and Powder brows.

Lynn has been fortunate to have been trained to such a high standard that this is reflected in her superb work, of which she is extremely proud. Lynn is fully certified, licenced and insured. She has a beautiful, immaculate home studio from which she is dedicated to providing the utmost quality of treatment to her clients.

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